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Pokemon: Pokemon On Pokeball Figure Set Of 12

: On Pokeball Figure Set Of 124 Star Rating
On Pokeball Figure Set Of 12
Remarkable Super Hero : On Pokeball Figure

On Pokeball Figure Set Of 12 made by Pokemon is totally interesting to play with! The toy weighs about 2 lbs. To take advantage of the low price I ran across, check out the shopping cart link on this page.

pokemon pokeball figure figures popular cartoon

Brand: Pokemon

Full Description

This actually is a set of 12 figures from the popular cartoon and game series Pokemon! The set includes Vaporeon, Giratina, Charozard, Pikachu, Kyogre, Palkia Shaymin Sky, Skaymin Land, Pikachu, Darkrai, Blastoise, Dialga These Pokemon figures are perfect to show off your abilities as a Pokemon master! The Pokemon are sitting on their own Pokeball! This set capabilities your favorite Pokemon for you to catch and collect! The figures are about 2-inches tall and are free standing. Dimension and Measurement:Approx 2-inch each

  • Product Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.3" Length: 5.6" Depth: 4.9"
  • Package Weight: 0.6 lbs. On Pokeball Figure Set Of 12

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